Group Size

The size of group to which we can play depends on the type of show you want.

For Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre, it is best to keep the audience under 150. This allows the actors to have the personal interaction with the audience that is critical to the success of this type of performance.

Scripted dramas, musicals, musical reviews, and convention presentations can be performed for audiences of any size.

Instructional performances such as domestic violence training for police departments, role-plays for medical training, and Arts-In-Education seminars usually work best with audiences of under 50.

Why should you hire Omnibus?

Our talent pool consists of some of the finest actors in the area. We can formulate a new, exciting, and creative experience for your needs and perform in any space. Our troupe can entertain or educate any audience, large or small. In essence, we love theatre and we want to give you the best. We are dedicated to the highest quality and our main focus and goal is to give our audiences the best entertainment possible.

Are you looking for something new for this year’s office party? Do you need help in creating a different format to educate and motivate your staff? Does your company need something exciting to draw more business? Have you run out of ideas in trying to capture new clientele? Are you searching for something special to celebrate a special event? Or are you just interested in having a great party or evening of entertainment? Contact Omnibus Theatre Company, we can satisfy all of these needs.

Space Considerations

Generally, a presentational format production (convention entertainment, scripted plays and musicals, musical revues, etc.) can be performed in any space, so long as the staging area is large enough to accommodate the action. Most large, open structures have poor acoustics and require a suitable sound system. There should be rest rooms and 2 separate rooms for dressing near the stage and out of sight of the audience.

Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre performances work best with 8 to 10 persons per table. The tables must be spaced to allow easy passage for 2 people abreast. The best rooms for these performances are those with normal height ceilings (12-foot or less) and carpeted floors.

Small-group training presentations and interactive role-plays can be performed in nearly any space.

Determining Your Show Type

More info coming

Scheduling Information

Our required scheduling lead-time varies with the type of performance. Please allow at least 8 weeks for any show in the current Omnibus repertoire.

Allow a minimum of 12 weeks for a Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre production not currently in the repertoire and for any convention or other large-group presentation for which you already have the performance concept and goal.

Allow a minimum of 16 weeks for licensed theatrical productions not currently in the repertoire.

Allow a minimum of 4 weeks for interactive small group training such as domestic violence role-plays, historical reenactments, and Arts-In-Education presentations.

To schedule a performance with Omnibus, or for more information, contact Nancy Eppert at (816) 478-4445.

Show Types


Suspense, intrigue, mystery, and comedy, with a good meal and, yes, a murder thrown in. These are the elements of Omnibus Theatre’s Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre productions.

The action takes place all around you before and during dinner. You get the chance to speak to the victims and culprits. You can look for clues in their interactions and try to decide what is real, and what is a “red herring”.

Ultimately, you will try to decide who is guilty, why they did it, and how.

Whether you are attending a Halloween costume ball, a mobster’s birthday party, or a wedding, there will never be a dull moment as you try to figure out “whodunit”.


Omnibus can produce any available play or musical. From “The Sound of Music” to “Of Mice and Men”, from Simon to Shakespeare, our actors and technicians have the talent and experience to craft a masterpiece from any script.

When considering a licensed play or musical please keep the following in mind:

  • We must obtain a performance license and pay royalties to perform most shows. You should select at least one alternate in the event a performance license is unavailable for your show of choice.
  • Longer scheduling lead-times are required for shows not in our current repertoire.
  • Most shows require a staging area that will accommodate some amount of sets and variable lighting. Please feel free to consult with us prior to obligating yourself to a particular show or venue to ensure that a top-quality performance is possible.


Omnibus can present tributes to people and events.  Have you seen our USO show?

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